You will cry knowing that Binaben Parmar had to take this step out of compulsion even though he built a house 2 times but did not get happiness.

In the last post we saw that three sisters come from village to Surat to work in compulsion. Brother and father also leave the village in compulsion due to illness but with their help Popatbhai and his team come. Similarly Popatbhai comes here with the help of a destitute sister. We are going to talk … Read more

This Gujarati couple left their London lifestyle and returned to their homeland for one reason and today they are living happily with their family members by doing farming and animal husbandry business.

In the present times every young man and woman is thinking of going abroad for a good study, many are even settling abroad after studying there, so even in the present time people want to go abroad, today we are one such couple. The couple returned from a well-paying job abroad and returned to their … Read more