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Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme

hello friends how are you Are you having fun!! Today we have brought before you a new scheme of Gujarat government which is a blessing for any disabled people who are getting married in your area, especially those who are physically or mentally disabled or handicapped in some way. Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme That’s why, this scheme has been started by Gujarat government, any disabled person of Gujarat government can take the benefit of this scheme, male or female or both, under this scheme, each disabled person is eligible to receive assistance of Rs. ?

When do you meet? And how to get? How to fill the plan form? And how to fill online form? Where to contact the officer? etc. Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme information we have given here below, then you can get information about the scheme by reading the complete article and you can help people by giving this information to people living in your vicinity.

When any person who is a disabled person and a resident of Gujarat gets married, he is entitled to receive Rs 50000/- as assistance from the government. Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme And if they get married, they are entitled to get full Rs.10,000/- and in case of marriage of only one man or woman who is disabled, they are entitled to get full Rs.5,000/-.

Name of the scheme

Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme

When did the plan start?

With effect from 31/07/2014 with the resolution introduced by the Department of Social Justice and Officials

Benefit amount of the scheme

10,000/- for both disabilities where one disabled person marries another disabled person
and Rs.5000/- for a disabled person in which a disabled person marries a normal and good person.

Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme

How to get help?

After verification of the application, a check is issued for the amount due, which the applicant can deposit in his own account only.

How can the application be made?

Both online and offline

Initiated by whom?

By Gujarat Govt

Main objective of the scheme

When a disabled person gets married, Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme the benefit is given under this scheme so that they can overcome their financial condition and situation and lead their life with normal respect towards the society.

Who is eligible to benefit from the scheme?

A disabled couple of Gujarat or any single disabled person i.e. male or female disabled can get the benefit of the scheme.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

• Should be resident of Gujarat.

• Male must be above 21 years of age and female must be above 18 years of age at the time of marriage.

• The benefit of the scheme is eligible for one time only i.e. once marriage is not eligible for remarriage.

• In case both the couples belong to different districts, an application should be made to the District Social Security Officer in the district in which they will be residing at the time.

• If any disabled person of Gujarat marries a person or disabled person from another district to be eligible for this assistance, he/she will have to submit an undertaking form that he/she is not eligible for any assistance under disability in that district so that he/she can get this assistance from the Gujarat Government. Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme Will be eligible to meet.

• A total of 21 types of disabilities are eligible for assistance under this scheme for which necessary documents must be submitted.

Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme

What does Divyang include?

• Those with eye blindness more than 40% are eligible to get the benefit of this scheme.

• Those with more than 40% muscle deficiency due to congenital and congenital defects are also eligible for this scheme.

• Those who have 70% to 100% hearing loss in one ear are also eligible to benefit from this scheme.

• Those with chronic neurological condition of 50% or more in the body are also eligible to benefit from this scheme.

• Those who have suffered any physical injury and bleeding more than 40% are also eligible to benefit from this scheme.

• Those who have more than 40% chance of muscle stiffness or tremors in the body should also benefit from this scheme.

• Those with mentally unstable brain whose proportion is 50% or more are also eligible to get the benefit of this scheme.

• Those who have suffered any kind of drop in hemoglobin and it is only more than 40% are also eligible to benefit from this scheme.

• Those convicted of leprosy and above 40% are also eligible to benefit from this scheme.

• Those who have chronic anemia more than 50% are eligible to benefit from this scheme.

• Anyone who is a victim of an acid attack and suffers more than 50% damage is also covered under this scheme benefit.

• Those who have 40% objection in Halan Salan are also eligible to benefit from this scheme.

• Those with cerebral palsy more than 40% are also eligible to benefit from these schemes.

• Those whose dwarfism is more than 40% can also avail these schemes.

• People who have hardened and hardened body mass tissues due Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme to multiple sclerosis can benefit from this plan.

• Any mental illness of the brain can avail the benefit of this scheme.

• Persons with any special type of disability are also eligible to benefit from this scheme.

• In addition to the above, those who fall into additional disability and its extent is 50% or more are also eligible to get the benefit of this scheme.

How to apply online?

• The applicant who wants to avail the benefits of these schemes must first go to the official website of the Gujarat government https://esamajkalyan.gujarat.gov.in/ We have given the satavar website below you can also apply from there.

• First of all the applicant has to do his registration by going to this website,

• After the registration is done login and select the type of assistance which will be Divyang Lagna Sahay Yojana.

• Now, after selecting that the applicant has to fill the required details and fill his personal information and then upload the required documents and then submit the application.

Necessary evidence to be attached with the application

• Copy of the application submitted online
• Copy of Aadhaar card of both the couple
• Copy of disability certificate
• Copy of bank pass book
• Passport size photograph
• Wedding photos with both the couple
• Confusion about marriage
• Copy of election card
• Copy of Ration Card
• Marriage Registration Certificate Valid Govt.No
• etc. If additional documents are required, they will have to be added.

Where to submit or approve the application given or made?

The District Social Security Officer has Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme to go to the district department and submit the application by joining the necessary documents with this application.

Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme If the application is found suitable by the District Security Officer, your application will be verified online and your assistance will be approved and you will be given a check for the amount of assistance you are eligible for which the applicant will have to deposit in his bank account.

Hope the information we mentioned here is helpful

It will be useful and you must have understood it well. Divyang Marriage Assistance Scheme If you have any kind of question, you can contact us. We will answer your questions as per your need. You can contact us through the given contact form. Thank you.

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