Know this important thing before using UPI like Google Pay, Paytm, otherwise you will be a victim of fraud.

With the advent of digital revolution in the economy and banking, people’s tendency to pay through UPI has increased a lot. With the advent of UPI transactions, people have largely been relieved of the hassle of carrying cash for retail money transactions. At the same time, freedom has also been given by visiting ATMs or banks for larger payments. But you should also be very careful while doing UPI transactions, because your little carelessness can cause you big losses.

Online cyber thugs are adopting new tricks every day to rob you, in such a situation private sector bank ICICI has given some tips to protect its customers from UPI transaction related scams, by adopting which you can protect yourself from these online scams.

Bank warns customers
In a tweet, ICICI Bank told its customers that digital payments have made our lives a lot easier, but still we need to be aware of a few things related to the QR code scan used for UPI transactions.

QR code fraud
Often these online fraudsters send you a QR code on WhatsApp, claiming that you can get money by scanning the code. But once you scan that one QR code, all your credentials will be given to the fraudster.

ICICI Bank has clarified that QR code needs to be scanned only to make payment. This does not earn you money.

Fraud also happens this way
To cheat you, fraudsters can send fake UPI payment requests with messages like “Enter UPI PIN to receive funds” and “Payment successful Rs. XXXXX received” etc. In which you have to enter your UPI PIN to get money.

The bank says never reply to such messages. You should never enter your UPI PIN to receive money.

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