MNREGA Job Card Scheme: 100 days of employment will be available under the job card

So now many schemes have been launched by the government, but the favorite scheme for the villagers is MNREGA scheme. This scheme is a very popular scheme in the village. This scheme is known as Job Card by the villagers. What is this MGNREGA job card scheme we are here today? Who can benefit from this scheme? We will get information about etc.

What is MNREGA Job Card scheme?
First this scheme was known as NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 – NREGA) scheme. After that, in 2009, after adding the name of Mahatma Gandhi in this scheme, this scheme has been named MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act – MNREGA). MNREGA, the most popular scheme in rural areas, was launched in the year 2005 and in the year 2008, the scheme was rolled out across the country.

MNREGA scheme guarantees 100 days of employment during the year to the people living in the rural areas who are living their standard of living through wage labour. That is, 100 days of work is provided by the government during the year to the people of the village who are doing labor under MNREGA scheme. Job card is issued to the applicant under MGNREGA. This job card will record the number of days of work done by a person and the details of wages received etc. Along with this, this job card is also considered as a valid document.

Purpose of MNREGA Job Card Scheme:
The main objective of the MNREGA Job Card scheme is to provide employment to the people living in rural areas with at least 100 days guarantee. MNREGA job card has been launched by the government to enable the laborers in rural areas to have a decent standard of living.

MNREGA job card also promotes village panchayats as well as people in rural areas. Along with this, MNREGA Job Card has also been started to improve the infrastructure of the country’s villages. MNREGA Job Card is an Indian labor law and social security measure, which aims to ensure “Right to Work”.

Who can get MNREGA Job Card?
Any person above 18 years and up to 60 years can apply MNREGA job card.
MNREGA job card issuer must be an Indian citizen.
As this scheme is launched for rural people, the person making MGNREGA job card must be a resident of rural area.
People who want to do unskilled work can apply for MGNREGA job card.
If a person is doing a government job or a person is disabled then he cannot get MGNREGA job card.
MNREGA job card can be made by both men and women.
Only one MGNREGA job card can be generated per one ration card. That means only one MGNREGA job card can be issued per family.
List of documents required to issue MNREGA Job Card:
Applicant can contact any Sarpanch / Talati cum Mantrishree / Gram Sevak / Gram Panchayat to issue MNREGA Job Card. Following documents will be required to apply for MNREGA Job Card.

Applicant’s Passport Size Photograph No-2 (Two Passport Size Photograph)
Copy of ration card
Other card
Identity card
Bank Passbook
Mobile number
Applicant’s family information
Name of the village
Name of Gram Panchayat
Name of the block
Details if the applicant is beneficiary of SC/ ST/ IAY/ LR
Applicant’s signature/ thumb impression
After applying for MNREGA Job Card, the applicant will get the MNREGA Job Card within 15 days after the registration of the application. If the applicant does not get MNREGA job card then he/she has to contact the Taluka Development Officer or the applicant can complain on the toll free number. MNREGA job card is valid for five years, after five years the MNREGA job card has to be renewed. Also, there is no charge to be paid for issuing the job card.

How is remuneration paid to MNREGA Job Card holders?
A MNREGA job card holder can get Rs. 224/- (Different rates applicable as per different states) is payable. In which the daily wage rate is higher in the states of Haryana and Kerala.
If the holder of MNREGA job card does not find any work for 15 days, he is paid unemployment allowance by the government.
Traveling allowance is also provided to the job card holder if the place of work found under MGNREGA job card is far away.

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