This Gujarati couple left their London lifestyle and returned to their homeland for one reason and today they are living happily with their family members by doing farming and animal husbandry business.

In the present times every young man and woman is thinking of going abroad for a good study, many are even settling abroad after studying there, so even in the present time people want to go abroad, today we are one such couple. The couple returned from a well-paying job abroad and returned to their homeland.

The couple’s name was Ramde Khoti and Bharti Khoti was a young couple, but the couple left their good life abroad and returned to their homeland. Lived in London for the last several years.

Ramde and Bharti were living a comfortable life in London. The couple farmed cows and buffaloes as well as farming. Ramdey first went to England to work in the missing year 2006, then returned to his homeland two years later and married Bharti.

At the time, Bharti was pursuing a course in airport management and air hostess, so Bharti moved to London in 2010 to complete her studies after her marriage.

After that Ramde also started worrying about his parents living in his hometown and there was no one to take care of them, so Bharti and Ramdee decided to return to their hometown Living happily.

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