You will cry knowing that Binaben Parmar had to take this step out of compulsion even though he built a house 2 times but did not get happiness.

In the last post we saw that three sisters come from village to Surat to work in compulsion. Brother and father also leave the village in compulsion due to illness but with their help Popatbhai and his team come. Similarly Popatbhai comes here with the help of a destitute sister. We are going to talk about it.

A video has just surfaced on social media in which Popatbhai visits Ben in which his sister expresses her grief. It makes her cry.

Unfortunately, they have not been able to pay for the last 3 years of their child. The sister got married before and they have 2 children, one of whom is a daughter who is currently sitting for the board examination in standard 10 while the youngest son is 10 years old I died of heart disease.

So she binds Binaben a second time to take care of her children but unfortunately her other husband also goes to Da! Runa Na! He used to make a living by selling pakpas alone.

When the cost of education of the children is not met by the household expenses, it is said that God Rupi Popatbhai and his team come to the aid of this sister, meaning the saying that no one has a god.

Solanki was filled by Mukeshbhai Yashwant Singh through Popatbhai and also announced to provide sewing machine to Binalben so that he would not have to face any hassle. Request to share.

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